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Our FREE self-guided walks are available from the four City of Port Phillip Libraries, the Emerald Hill Heritage Centre and various community centres throughout the City.

WOODCRAFT  IN MIDDLE PARK ARCHITECTURE. Middle Park is noted for its timber-based decoration. Timber commonly replaced cast iron after 1895, up to about 1925, the period during which most Middle Park houses were built. This brochure identifies a range of timber decorations around the area.
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CHURCHES : PAST AND PRESENT. Many buildings in Middle Park were once churches, built between 1891 and 1928. Now only two churches remain that still hold services for their congregations : the Albert Park Baptist Church and Our Lady of Mt Carmel. Social changes in the community brought diminishing attendance at church and some are now converted into dwellings and businesses. 

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FROM SHOPS TO CAFES : THE ARMSTRONG STREET SHOPPING PRECINCT.  From the early 1900s the Armstrong Street shopping precinct has been a hive of activity, once providing shops that supplied the daily needs of Middle Park families. This walk will take you back in time and show you the types of shops that once dominated this precinct.

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Council Walks

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Local area guided Walks sponsored by the Council

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