General Meeting

Monday 5th September 2022

Between 2013–2015, Ken James collaborated with Pam Baragwanath to research and present the histories of around 1000 institutes around Victoria. The resulting publication, These Walls Speak Volumes: a history of Mechanics’ Institutes in Victoria, won the 2016 Victorian Community History Award. Ken will talk about the origins of Mechanic’s Institutes in Britain and their movement to Australia including Victoria. He will then give an overview of Mechanics’ Institute in Victoria today and finish with a discussion of the South Melbourne Mechanics’ Institute (photographed in Cecil Street), originally known as the Emerald Hill Mechanics’ Institute


Previous Meeting 2022 -  May


Our guest speaker is Peter Bedford, former South Melbourne Captain (VFL), Brownlow medalist and first class cricketer for Victoria and his talk is about    'Reminiscences of a Sporting Life'.

Previous Meeting 2022 - February

Part two of our series with our Speaker Meyer Eidelson who will discuss places from his Lost Melbourne Tours that he conducts in the CBD.

Melbourne History Mysteries Part Two
Follow us down the history rabbit hole exploring more uncommon places and strange and unsolved events in the fabric of our city, such as an explanation of the subject of this gargoyle at St Patrick's Cathedral.

Venue: Middle Park Primary School

From Richardson Street enter the school via the gate between the Infant School on the left and the Main School on the right. The entrance to the Infant School Hall is via a door on the left towards the rear, about 20 metres into the school grounds.

School Entrance.png